Graduation film - Courage to make a fool

This film is a combination of stop motion and hand drawn animation. It is the story of an elderly clown as he remembers his past and rediscovers the joy of being foolish. 

“Courage to make a Fool” was part of the AS festival in Rome. It was also part of 'Vad art Kiàllítás' at Elláttó Kert in Budapest in November,  Gozo Film Festival held in Malta, at the end of August 2017. It has been screened at  'Show me the Animation' showcase on June 12th in Bristol, Cardiff Independent Film Festival in May 2017 , and at the Cambridge Picture House, June 2016.


Sketches for Nancy 

Clown Inspiration for Kazimir 

Posters and photos from Kazimir's dressing room

Set Photos