curriculum vitae

Heather Colbert



I have found puppet-making to be where my passion lies - creating characters from observation and imagination, and building a world for them.  

I am self-motivated and thorough in my research and preparation for individual creative projects. For example, I was determined to teach myself stop-motion and armature-making techniques; which led to my major project, “Courage to make a Fool”.  

I particularly enjoyed the exchange of ideas that comes from working as part of a team, on projects like the development of an animated book trailer for H.G.Wells’ ‘The Time Machine’ and working alongside other creative people as part of the Big Draw Festival. These workshops enabled me to further develop my communication skills in a creative setting.



  • Stopmotion workshop run by Peter Vacz and Joseph Wallace, Primanima Festival, Budapest.
  • BA (Hons) Illustration an Animation at Anglia Ruskin University.
  • Foundation Diploma in Art, Media and Design at Bristol School of Art - Distinction
  • A levels: Art (and Design) - Grade A, Media Studies - Grade A, English Literature - Grade B

Key Skills

  • Confident in puppet/armature and set making.
  • Experienced in both hand drawn and digital 2D animation in TV Paint.
  • Confident in running or facilitating creative workshops. 
  • Comfortable in  Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. 


-'Bibimbap' music video for Ori Dagan,  semi finalist in 'Best Music Video' at Underground music video festival, Paris.

-“Courage to make a Fool” animation will be part of AS festival in Rome. It was also part of 'Vad art Kiàllítás' at Elláttó Kert in Budapest in November,  Gozo Film Festival held in Malta, at the end of August. It has been screened at  'Show me the Animation' showcase on June 12th in Bristol, Cardiff Independent Film Festival in May 2017 , and at the Cambridge Picture House, June 2016.

- This film was also screened at the New Designers Exhibition, and selected for 'New Designers Screening Prize' July, 2016.

- Examples of my work for this film featured in Cambridge News, June 2016

- My protest poster was part of the Nasty Women exhibition in Cambridge, April 2017. 

- The Mouse Queen sculpture was exhibited at the Espresso Library, Cambridge. As part of the '200 Years of The Nutcracker' symposium. 

- Illustration response to 'Emily Brontë' published in Ted Hughes Society Journal (Volume v Issue 2) October 2016


Professional Experience

Director and animator - music video for mark nevin (November 22nd- present)

In Production

Character Design for a degree film being made at ESCAC, Barcelona (November - present)

Illustraion and design work for a stopmotion film produced and directed by Abel Carbajal

Director and Animator of the music video for  Konnichiwa by Matthew Evens (november 2017)

A 2D animated abstract film to accompany and promote a segment of Matthew Evens's instrumental track Konnitchiwa. Experimenting with stopmotion textures and effects in camera. Created in two and a half weeks, and not much sleep!

Director and Animator of Bibimbap by Ori Dagan (July-September 2017 - released 22nd October)

A cheerful stopmotion animation, which follows little puppet Ori on his quest for the best meal in the world - Bibimbap!

Modelmaker / sets for Joseph Wallace's music video 'Edith Piaf (Said it Better Than Me'  (August 2017)

Under Joseph's instruction, created majority of cafe set - bar, chairs tables, curtains and floor boards. Constructed the frame and made decorative pieces for the stage in the theatre.

Quote Poster (in the style of my Nasty Women Placard submission) (June 2017)

Client commission to create a typography poster in the same style, with a different quote. View on my portfolio blog here:

Map Illustrations for 'Three Centuries of East Herefordshire Farms and Families' (June 2017)

Illustrated 17 maps in total showing each parish and the location of farms mentioned in each chapter. Due to be published in October 2017. 

Lockhouse Games, Cambridge (May 2017)

Designed and painted artwork on the walls and puzzles of the Egyptian Tomb escape room, and the Armageddon Room, located at 70 Regent Street, Cambridge.

‘4 Boys’ by Anne-Marie Layet (2013-2016)

Completed watercolour illustrations for four books in the series. Titles available as ebooks (via Amazon).

'200 Years of The Nutcracker' (December 2016)

Created a sculpture of The Mouse Queen character as part of the celebration of E.T.A Hofferman's original story. Exhibited at the Espresso Library. 

New Routes, Old Roots’ (July 2016)

A brief to produce an illustration for a research project concerned with issues around migration and exile. My piece will be 1 of 5, in a series of postcards to be distributed to sixth form colleges and secondary schools as a stimulus for creative work.

Opportunity Peterborough  (April 2016)

Designed and illustrated two leaflets to help explain to young people which skills would enable them to gain employment in a specific sector (Cambridge and Peterborough).

FAB Outcomes (July- September 2015) 

Produced two chalk board animations to introduce sections of a mindfulness course website. (This client is changing the direction for her project, and is currently re-designing her website, therefore the animation is not yet available to view.)

Ted Hughes, Cambridge Festival of Ideas (October 2015)

Ink Illustration to accompany ‘Emily Bronte’ by Ted Hughes. Used in Dr Mick Gowar’s presentation ‘’ at the Festival of Ideas, Cambridge‘’ and shown as part of a group exhibition at Anglia Ruskin University Library. 

Ruth Miskin MyBookBlog (October 2015)

A book trailer for ‘Fortunately the Milk’ by Neil Gaiman. MyBookBlog is a new initiative to intrinsically reward children for reading. 

Malcolm Down Publishing (September 2015)

Brush pen illustration of slumped girl for the front cover of Left to Die, by John McCreedy. (Not credited in first edition.)

Molly’s Adventure by Justine Bates (October 2013)

Co-illustrated this title as part of the author’s pitch to The National Trust.


The Big Draw - Doodle Day (22nd October 2016)

Ran the Hirameki Workshop as part of 'Let's Make Art's' Doodle Day (also as part of The Big Draw festival in October). Provided hand made examples, explained the idea to parents and children, and encouraged the shy or single children to join in with a 'ping pong' style Hirameki game. 

The Big Draw (16th and 17th October 2015)

As part of a team of 3, helped lead drawing workshops for schools and families at Peterborough Museum as part of The Big Draw Festival. 

‘Rogues Rebels, Resisters and Refuseniks’ ( 31st October 2015)

As part of a team of 3, helped lead a storytelling workshop for families, inspired by the talks of Robin Hood. This project culminated in creating a ‘moving comic’ using the participants’ drawings, using iPads and StoryRobe app. 


Bristol Festival of Puppetry (September 2017)

Part of the volunteer team helping steward the events, carnival and workshops. Workshop assistant to 'Creation Myths Puppets' with a puppet building workshop for children aged 5-8. The puppets were then used and displayed in the 'Creatures of Bristol carnival'.

Bristol Slapstick Festival (January 2017)

Part of volunteer team facilitating the Slapstick events over the week in January. Duties included: Flyer dropping, distributing questionnaires, answering questions  and selling merchandise at the Slapstick desk, data entry and helping with errands across the venues

Nonesuchcup Cafe run by St Peters Hospice, (October 2016 - January 2017)

Volunteer kitchen staff.

Puppet place doors open day (September 2016)

Helped set up the garden event, welcomed visitors and ran the refreshments stall.

Books for Amnesty (2014-2016)

Volunteer sales assistant and illustrator for the shop on Mill road, Cambridge. Responsible for science fiction section, till work, cleaning, organisation, window dressing. Designing and creating promotional posters, signs, and adverts for the shop when needed. 

Ted Hughes Project (October 2016)

Ink Illustration to accompany ‘Emily Bronte’ by Ted Hughes. Used in Mick Gowar’s presentation ‘’ at the Festival of Ideas, Cambridge‘’ and shown as part of a group exhibition at Anglia Ruskin University Library.