The Mouse Queen was exhibited at the Espresso Library, Cambridge on 3rd December

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A response to the original story of 'The Nutcracker and the Mouse King' by E.T.A. Hoffereman. Exhibited as part of the symposium of events celebrating the influence and legacy of the story. 

I chose the Mouse Queen as my subject because I found her the most complex and interesting. She is a minor character, however she represents a rare example (especially in a story written 200 years ago) of a female character whose actions drive the story.  Her actions are the cause of many of the events in the narrative. She could be seen as a classic villain; cursing the human characters in spite, but the harm she inflicts in anger comes from the deep anguish and horrific loss she suffers. It could be argued she is a victim. To mirror this contradiction in her character, I wanted her costume and pose to show both her royal claim and her scavenger status. 

This was an experiment in static model making (as my previous characters were stop motion armatures) and working to a tight deadline.

The wooden stand was kindly hand made by local carpenter, Andrew Moss, and I would like to thank model maker Peter Cowdy again, for his valuable advice on painting techniques. You can see his excellent work here